About Me

I figured it was time to update this page. I’m always terrible at writing mini-bios for myself, but here it goes.  This will be available on my “About Me” page as well.

I wouldn’t say that I’m the most accomplished knitter in the world, or even my state. I would describe myself as relentless. I’ve taken the plunge to learn several new knitting techniques and see if I like them or not. In 2010 I set up a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish, or just attempt. There were 4 that were directly related to knitting:  Make a sweater, learn to spin, learn to knit continental, and felt something on purpose!

I accomplished or tried all of those things! I’m still working on my full-sized sweater and I hope to finish that up in January 2011 and cast on for sweater #2.

I tried my hand at spinning. I found out that raw wool is a bit irritating to my skin and that dogs love to play with drop spindles! In 2011 I’m planning on trying out some spinning wheel spinning!

I also taught myself how to knit continental in honor of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s 100th birthday that occurred in August of 2010! I now knit strictly continental with some variations for my crazy through the back loop knitting style!

In order to felt something on purpose I created a Hugable Hedgehog! I loved this critter and it still is sitting on my workbench waiting to be seamed up! I should probably do that sometime soon.

As for other knitting accomplishments, I’ve attempted knitting socks in nearly every way possible. I’m on the last method I’m goign to try, and if that doesnt’ result in a pair of socks that are the same size and wearable, I give up on sock knitting for now at least. I’ve tried, Magic Loop (1 sock), Magic Loop (2 socks), 2 circs (1 sock), 2 circs (2 socks) and now I’m working on a pair of socks on DPNs. We’ll see how those turn out, so far the one sock looks great!

In case you want the details on me, I’m a 26 year old electrical engineer who enjoys knitting, reading, crafting, sewing, and other hobbies like that. I spend much of my time at my house watching old TV shows, like the West Wing, or Stargate (nerd alert!). I enjoy taking hikes and walks with my dog, Rocco. Rocco occasionally makes an appearance on this blog, but has his own over here.  I recently purchased a house, so there is ample time spent doing yardwork, painting, cleaning, and just normal upkeep on  the home. My husband and I both volunteer for a local Siberian Husky Rescue as well. I’d say we are pretty well-rounded people.

That is about all I have to say about myself. If that isn’t enough, find me on Ravelry.com (sparkeespud is my screen name).


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