One down, one to go!

Over the Christmas holiday I wrote about my sock that I was knitting, well last Wednesday I finished the first sock in the pair!

One down, one to go!

I decided to continue the ribbing onto the bottom of the foot after I finished the gusset. This worked great, and allowed the sock to fit a bit tighter in that area of my foot. I have skinny feet, so it helped great!

I’ve already got its mate on the needles and I’m about 3 inches into the leg. It has become my lunch knitting because while I’m at home this week my attention is 100% focused on getting the Girasole afghan done. I have done the math and I have 46 more rows of 640 stitches and then I will do the lace border. The lace border is 8 stitches wide and will be done over 640 stiches of the edge! That’s a lot of knitting to do.

After the knitting comes the blocking and I haven’t even sorted that out yet! I don’t have a place big enough to block it out in my house, so I will need to find someone else’s to use.


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