About Me

I wouldn’t say that I’m the most accomplished knitter in the world, or even my state. I would describe myself as relentless. I’ve taken the plunge to learn several new knitting techniques over the years and see if I like them or not. In 2010 I set up a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish, or just attempt. There were 4 that were directly related to knitting:  Make a sweater, learn to spin, learn to knit continental, and felt something on purpose!

I accomplished or tried all of those things!

I also taught myself how to knit continental in honor of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s 100th birthday that occurred in August of 2010! I now knit strictly continental with some variations for my crazy through the back loop knitting style!

In order to felt something on purpose I created a Hugable Hedgehog! I loved this critter and it still is sitting on my workbench waiting to be seamed up! I should probably do that sometime soon.

As for other knitting accomplishments, I’ve attempted knitting socks in nearly every way possible. I’ve settled on my preferred method (magic loop for those wondering).

Sweaters happen here and there. Some for me and some for the tiny humans.

In case you want the details on me, I’m a 35 (nearly 36) year old electrical engineer who enjoys knitting, reading, crafting, sewing, and other hobbies like that. Well, reality is when I have time to do those things I do.

I’m also a mother to two wonderful human beings. They may show up here time to time, but this isn’t about them. This blog is about my life and my journey. While they are a big part of it, I am trying to let them tell their own stories.

Keep reading the blog and maybe you will learn other things about me.


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