Garden Life

Something that has come of this pandemic has been the ability to volunteer at the Tri-Faith Garden and Orchard this year. My church, Countryside Community Church, is the Christian partner in the Tri-Faith. We have a very large community garden that grows delicious veggies (and soon fruit!) for various community pantries within our community.

Since April or so, I’ve been going out to the garden once a week for a few hours to help plant, harvest, weed pick, beetle hunt, and learn about gardening and veggies and people’s kindness.

Evelyn showing off the tomatoes she helped harvest.

The last few months Evelyn has been coming with me and learning about growing veggies. She has had a blast and the other ladies at the garden enjoy having her excitement around.

I have definitely added quite a few things to my list of vegetables to grow in the future in my own garden. The lemon cucumbers and the ice cucumbers in the garden have definitely made me want to try those. Very unique veggies.

Lemon cucumbers

It has been even more exciting seeing the things I helped plant grow and produce. I am enjoying learning various gardening techniques and theories too. Every gardener has a different way of doing things too it seems. You just have to find out what works for you.

Rattlesnake Beans – Purple and green striped

Every week we go, Evelyn comes up with something else we need to plant in our garden. We don’t have a garden yet really. I have a few pots of herbs, and a fledgling strawberry patch that was an experiment this year. I plan to build up a raised bed for next year and potentially some winter crops this year if I get it in soon.

World’s tiniest tomato!

Until next time…