WIP: Strange Brew Sweater

Pattern: Strange Brew by Tincanknits (Ravelry Link) (Tincanknits Site)

Yarn: Sundara sock (Blue and orange) and Baah Yarns La Jolla (speckled)

Needles: I didn’t write it down, but do a gauge swatch and save yourself a headache

Oh I am sure I started this back in March of 2020 just after the Pandemic swept our calendars clean for the remainder of the year. I needed something to engage my brain. I had so much anxiety about the world, life, kids, etc to really focus on anything. Knitting to the rescue per usual in crisis.

“Knit on with confidence and hope through all crises.”

Elizabeth Zimmermann

Elizabeth Zimmermann knew what she was talking about.

Anyways, the way Tincanknits designed this is basically a choose your own adventure type sweater. Pick the weight, the gauge, and the yoke patterns. They even give you a handy encyclopedia of charts to choose, or you could make your own.

Graph paper, not just for math class…

I had wanted to use up yarn in my stash for a sweater if I could. I had these two skeins of Sundara that had been aging for 8ish years or more I think. I happened to have some leftover of the La Jolla yarn from a sweater that I knit (and am going to frog) for Isaac before he was born. And it happened to match these two skeins perfectly.

Originally I had thought about doing a different pattern, but settled on creating my own yoke design. It was a fun process.

This sweater has honestly set in time out for the last month or more because I realized I did the wrong increase section and would have to rip back at least one if not two rounds of knitting and just didn’t have the brain space for it at the time.

Last week I pulled it out of its project bag and stuffed it in a new basket and sat down to fix the mistake. It’s now all better and ready to continue onto the third and final charted section of the pattern.

The intent is to make this a full length sleeve sweater, but if I am running short on yarn, I will do 3/4 because in all honesty I push my sleeves up quite often on my sweaters. Hopefully progress can be made and I can have a new fall sweater before too long.

Until next time…


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