Sweater for Fall

Sometimes a pattern comes along and screams “KNIT ME NOW!” This pattern is one of those for me. I kept seeing it pop up in my Instagram feed, and on random people’s blogs, etc. I went to a knitting retreat and several folks were either wearing or knitting this very sweater. I present to you, Zweig by Caitlin Hunter.

I spent a month or more literally fantasizing about this sweater. It has been quite some time since I had come across anything that stuck in my head like that.


It happened to be that I found the yarn one day at an LYS here in town. I chose a darker grey for the main color and this golden, buttery, yellow for the contrast on the yoke. It’s just enough colorwork to “keep it interesting” but not too much to be daunting.

Right now in my crafting life having a project that is easy to pick up/put down is paramount to the success of that project.  I’m eager to get this finished for my fall wardrobe. I’m thinking I might need to sew up a new skirt to go with it. Maybe a linen or chambray? We shall see.

Until next time…


Birthday Socks 3.0

So I started this post a month ago exactly. I’ve been really wanting to get back to my blogging space.

I started this tradition back when Ms. E was born in 2015 and I’m loving it each year. She gets a pair of socks on her birthday. It’s kind of funny because she has a mid-summer birthday so socks are really the last thing you need, but it doesn’t stop her from running all over the house with them for days.  I do tend to make them a smidge bigger so she can have them for fall.

I have since finished these socks and they already have some miles on them. She picked this yarn from my stash and it was a delight to knit something so fun for her.


Part of making socks for her is not only having these pairs of socks in her memory box each year, but it’s fun to see how she has grown. I get a tracing of her foot and put it in my “sock stuff” box where I have started keeping tabs on the folks I knit socks for. These small feet outlines make me smile every time I see them.

I hope to get back to this space more than once or twice a year. I think it’s highly doable.

Until next time…


2017 Year in Review

Whoosh! 2017 went by in a blur. The year was filled with sewing, knitting, chasing a toddler, trips, and many other fun adventures. We added another engineer at the end of the year when Ryan got his B.S. In Mechanical Engineering. I am really proud of him. It had been a long journey for all of us.

Knitting Recap

According to Ravelry my totals for 2017 are as follows:

15 Completed Projects

  • 3 pairs of adult socks finished (1 pair was a WIP from 2016)
  • 2 pairs of toddler socks (and she loves them!)
  • 2 hats
  • 2 pairs of finglerless mitts
  • 12 ornaments
  • 1 pair toddler mittens
  • 1 finished sweater for me (in FINGERING WEIGHT)

I have a few WIPs to carry over to 2018 including 2 sweaters for Evie, 2 pairs of socks for me, and a shawl (that I may or may not finish).

Knitting in 2017 because more about quality and less about quantity. I think that is how knitting will be for the time being. I enjoy the few minutes here or there and the finished objects are enjoyed a lot more.

Sewing Recap

2017 might not have been super heavy on knitting, but it definitely made up for it in the sewing arena.

  • 9 Dresses for myself (including my Belle Costume)
  • 11 Tops for myself
  • 3 pairs of leggings for myself
  • 5 skirts for me
  • 7 pairs of pants/leggings/shorts for Evie
  • 4 dresses for Evie (including her Belle Dress)
  • 2 Shirts for Evie
  • 1 Poncho for Evie

That’s a lot of sewing. And I learned so much from it. I love how I’m able to make clothes that fit well and are comfortable. The hard part with all of the sewing is finding the time. Unlike knitting it’s difficult to stop halfway thought a project. Cutting is usually done on one day or in one sitting. The sewing might be done in parts over the next few days. 42 things sewn! That is an achievement.

2018 I’m looking at expanding into more woven fabrics and being more precise in my finishing. I’m looking to get a serger to make some aspects a little quicker (hello leggings!). My sewing area needs cleaned, organized, and better lighting. It’s all a work in progress.

I’m hoping I can create knitted item that compliment my sewn items and vice versa.

Welcome 2018!


2016 in Review

Every year I try to do some sort of post that is a recap of what I accomplished the year before, so here it is for 2016.

    Last blog post was July 28, 2016. Nearly 6 months ago to the day. Having time to blog has definitely been something that I miss dearly. I enjoyed sharing my projects here on a regular basis and reading about others projects. I can say that I haven’t kept up with too many blogs as of late either. Most of this can be attributed to someone tiny (well not so much anymore) keeping most of my “free” time locked up in games of peek-a-boo, please pick this up mom, and exploring all sorts of new things in the world from the eyes of a small person. I wouldn’t trade any of that for a blog post. Ever.

Surveying the world, Dec 2016

Knitting was prevalent in 2016. I am actually kind of amazed at how much I accomplished given the lack of long stretches of time to sit and knit. Knitting was done in short spurts on my lunch break, in the passenger seat of the car, in the wee hours of the morning before everyone is awake, or during the wonderful time of day called nap time. It definitely changed what kind of knitting I was doing. Nothing overly complicated, but instead a bit of garter, some stockinette, a little colorwork, etc. Projects were of a more simple nature too. 

(Break for a bit as I read a book to Ms. Evelyn. I will return, I promise.)

Project Totals

  • 3 Pairs of Adult socks
  • 1 pair of baby socks(never worn, her feet grew too fast!)
  • 1 pair of booties
  • 1 Shawl
  • 1 scarf (started in 2015 and finished in 2016)
  • 3 pairs of mitts or mittens
  • 1 Hiro Sweater, colorwork, and steeked! 
  • 1 laceweight summer top (finished during winter so has yet to be worn!)
  • 3 toddler sweaters
  • 2 adult hats
  • 3 toddler hats
  • 1 retreat bunting triangle 
  • Multiple advent mittens (finally finished all 24 after Christmas!)
  • 6 washcloths

In total 24 projects (the washcloths I count as 1 project). I would say it was a good year for knitting. I focused on enjoying the time I spent knitting. This either meant knitting patterns I enjoy, working with yarn I love, or knitting gifts for the special people in my life.

Spinning really didn’t happen in 2016. I spun and finished 1 5.5 oz loop bump for the entire year. Right now there are tiny hands that want to play with my wheel. She is getting to the point where spinning is beginning to happen again. I managed to get the wheel out and clean it a few weeks ago. We will see what 2017 holds for spinning.

2017 is off to a decent start.

Until next time…


500 Posts and Some Crafting

According to my WordPress app I hit 500 posts on the blog in late June. 

I say that is an impressive feat. Never thought it would get here! I have enjoyed blogging and hope to continue it. 

There has been spinning, knitting, and sewing going on in the precious spare time I have found lately. I keep thinking I should do a quick post, but something else gets in the way (and she is pretty cute!)

Spinning has gone well this month. While I wasn’t officially participating in the Tour de Fleece, I did set out to spin this Loop bump over the course of the month. I have managed about 4 of the 5.5 oz so far. Evie is making spinning a bit more challenging but she will sit on my lap and “help” for a few minutes. 

Sewing has become a slight obsession lately and I am not sure why. I subscribed to Seamwork Magazine and have enjoyed reading it. I feel it has really inspired me to do some sewing for myself. I hit up a sale at Joann’s to aquire some fabric to make this Sorbetto top. I had never done a garment for myself and this seemed like an easy one to start with. I couldn’t resist the little strawberries on this cotton. 

After the Sorbetto success I have fabric for another Sorbetto that is a slippery polyester/silk blend. Last weekend I spent 1 naptime (this is how you measure your free time if you are a parent) cuttinf out the 2nd Sorbetto and the fabric for my Adelaide dress. Both are awaiting some time for me to start sewing them.

Knitting is also going well, but slow since the other crafts have been calling dibs on the free time. I have knit up a few quick washcloths, made serious progress on a summer tee, knit a few rows on a shawl, and began knitting socks foe my bestie. Other projects are waiting in the wings as things get finished up. 

There is a quick recap of crafting in my life. 

Until next time…


Another Craft

The heat is crazy here. It makes me really not want to knit a darn thing. So instead I have been dabbling in sewing. 

I have really enjoyed some Instagram posts of people and their handmade wardrobe lately. I have my sweaters and things but those aren’t great for summer. I have been into wearing skirts to beat the heat, especially to work. 

I decided this week I would try to sew up some wardrobe pieces for myself. I had already made a couple dresses for Evelyn and I have a few more planned for her already. 

I had this store bought skirt I found myself wearing often because of its lightweight cotton feel and imthe elastic waist. I decided to make another one for myself. I hit up a fabric sale at JoAnn’s and purchased some ivory linen/cotton fabric with this lovely embroidery on it. 

It was gorgeous! I stitched this up in an afternoon! Definitely would change how I did the elastic on the waistband in the future (not very good at sewing it down) and do it in a casing instead. No need to be a hero. I want to get some more fabric and make a few more skirts but not quite yet. 

Here’s a picture of the final result. It is super comfy! 

I have already started on my next project which is a free pattern by Colette called Sorbetto. 

Until next time…


Nearly finished! 

It’s been a busy few months since my last post. The purple baby sweater and my Hiro just needs buttons. 

I decided to hand sew the reinforcing on either side of where I planned to cut. I was going to mahine sew it, but because I was quite comfy on the couch marathon watching the Newsroom with my husband I decided hand sewing was a better option. 

I took a little different approach and picked up and knit the button bands before cutting the steek. This was a) to prolong cutting my sweater and b) the yarn is superwash and I didn’t want to stress the cut ends while knitting the bands. 

The cutting part went quick. Not sure why I was so stressed about it. 

After cutting I tacked down the edges by using a blanket stitch and some waste yarn. I plan to add some ribbon to better reinforce it, but have not gotten to that point yet. 

Once all that was complete it was time to graft the armpits. Here I hit an unexpected snag. I had misread at some point and did not have the right amount of stitches to graft. It happened to be 7 stitches on one needle and 14 on the other. 

I made it work. It looks great too. 

All that is left is adding the buttons. I don’t expect to have those on until it is cool enough to wear a sweater. Right now with triple digit heat I am in no mood for sweater finishing. 

I did take the sweater to ZK retreat and got a pic with my friend Cori (irocknits) as she really helped me with this sweater and is the proclaimed Hiro Queen (she has knit 15 or so of these). 

There is enough leftover that I could probably knit a kid sized one for Evelyn. And I might. Haven’t decided yet.

Until next time….