Yes I Still Spin

It has been a good long while since there was any sign of a spinning update on here. I just thought I’d let you know that while the wheel spent a good few months tucked in the corner of my living room gathering dust, I have unearthed it and started doing some spinning.

Much of this can be attributed to seeing wonderful posts on Instagram of people and their spinning accomplishments. 

First order of business was to fnish the batts I had on the wheel since summertime. They were spinning up pretty fine and taking a long while (this happens when you do not spin very much!)


Singles Spun Up

I finished those up last week and let them rest for a couple of days before winding them off and giving them a good bath. I’d decided awhile ago this would be a single and I wouldn’t be plying it up. 

Finished Single Ply Laceweight

 I have to say I’m pleased with this spin. The fiber prep was really well done and the colors are amazing. I ended up with about 674 yards of a laceweight/heavy fingering weight yarn. I think this is begging to be some sort of a lacey shawl, but I haven’t settled on a pattern yet.

Once I had this finished up, I grabbed a new braid of fiber out of the stash. A 80/20 merino/silk blend from Shadawyn Fiber Arts off Etsy in the Severus Snape colorway. It’s spinning up fairly fine, and I’m planning a 2-ply with it.


Until next time…


Long Lost Socks

Since I had finished my gift socks and sent them to their new home, it was time to get some socks back on the needles for myself. I have a pair that I had started last winter and recently found in my pile of WIPs. So I dug them out and tossed them in my purse so that I could get some progress on them while I could.


Harvest Dew out of Dancing Dog Dyeworks Yarn

On Thursday this is where my socks started. I ended up having a longer than normal wait at the doctor’s office (nothing major, routine appointment) and managed to get about an hours worth of knitting done on these. 

Friday night we had plans with some friends to attend a local fish fry. This included standing around in a church parking lot basically tailgaiting and then enjoying some fairly decent fish, slaw, and fries. This meant even more time to work on the socks. By Saturday morning, I was to the heel flap.

Heel flap in progress

After this photo was taken I had some more time at the doctor’s office waiting on bloodwork to be done (again, routine, nothing to worry about). I’m now just about to start the heel turn on these! 

It’s rather amazing how much knitting gets done when you actually sit down and knit on a project. 

Until next time…



Socks Gifted

One of the many things I had been working on that I couldn’t share on the blog were some socks that I knit for my mother-in-law. I have never knit socks for another person, so I wasn’t entirely sure how they would turn out. 

I am pleased to say they fit wonderfully and she was excited about her new socks. 

They fit!!

Pattern: Lacy Rib Socks by Wendy Johnson

Yarn: Regia 4-ply

So glad to finally have these off the needles! 

Until next time…


Washcloths and the Weekend Update

I have been knitting, trust me, but the problem is much of what I have been knitting on has been gift knitting and those folks read this on occasion. I myself don’t like surprises, but I’d like to keep it that way for others.  Soon I will post about the baby blanket and the socks that have come off the needles, but not quite yet.

First up I want to talk about washcloths. I like knitting them here and there. Usually when I am having issues on another project and need the mental pallette cleanser. But lately, my excitement over washcloths has been driven by a good friend of mine taking up knitting recently. She was sending me pictures of her washcloths. I had suggested them to be good beginner projects as even if it turns out looking terrible, you still have a useable object. 

I picked up some fun colors of dishcloth cotton because what I had in the stash just wasn’t doing it for me. Definitely not short on the dishcloth cotton in the stash. 

I figure these will make great two color washcloths that will brighten up the bathroom. I did finish up one I had lingering on the needles as well.

I love the ball band dishcloths for using up yarn and their texture. 

This weekend I also rounded up all the knitting projects/bags/etc from the front room. They have a habit of getting scattered here and there. I needed to put leftovers away as well as organize the needles again. It also helps me keep track of what projects I have on the needles.

Once we got a lot of the housework taken care of, it was time to get out and enjoy the burst of spring that has arrived. We took Clapton up to Cunningham Lake and walked around for a bit. He wanted to enjoy the last bit of ice on the lake (no worries, it was still plenty thick!) and I snapped this photo of him and Ryan. It was simply lovely outside.

Until next time…


Small Things

It’s been a few weeks since I posted last but I have been able to get some much needed knitting time in. 

Baby Vertebrae in Sun Valley Fibers MCN

I finished my Baby Vertebrae sweater this last week much to my enjoyment. It is so small and adorable. I knit the 3-6 month size of the pattern but almost wish I would have knit the smaller size. I have no mental gauge on baby sizes still so I guess she wIll grow into this over the summer and into the fall.

I have been knitting a lot on a blanket for a friend. I can’t post much more on that as this gets read by many. But I promise to include all the details in a later post once it has been gifted. Let’s just say I will be glad when it is finished as it hasn’t gone according to plan on many occasions. 

The last few days I have been holed up fighting off a nasty cold, but it gave me time to work on the blanket.

Until next time….


Knitting Break

Since I have been knitting a baby blankets for what seems since last September, it was time to take a tiny break. I am still working on #3 and have #4 planned out in my head.

It was really time for some knitting for myself!

That scarf I frogged a week or so ago has indeed become the Great Divide shawl. It’s getting worked on here and there and was living at work for awhile too.

The texture on this shawl is quite delightful. It will take awhile to finish but it is good “mindless” knitting.

However, because I have knitting ADD, I cast on another tiny project. A baby sweater in fact. I have been hoarding this yarn for a perfect pattern or something special and this has turned out to be the project for it.

It is the Baby Vertebrae pattern in the 3-6 month size. The yarn is more Sun Valley Fibers on the MCN base. The colorway is called Boundary Waters. Gorgeous in how it is knitting up and feels so wonderful on the hands. Heck, I want a sweater for myself out of MCN!

Progress is quick on this because it is so small. It has replaced the shawl as my work knitting for the most part.

Until next time….


So in the effort to crack down on the languishing projects around, I have decided it was time to part ways with one.


This pattern and yarn was a gift from two really awesome people in my life at a time when I really needed it. I cast on the project here over the holidays as a “mindless knit” however, this is just not that. The pattern is well written like all Martina Behm patterns but I have to keep reading it to know my place. It is fiddly with the crochet part and I am just not loving it.

It is supposed to be a project I will love and remember my beloved Rocco with, but if I despise knitting it, I feel that is not the correct goal.

I have decided to frog it and cast on something new and fun that I will love knitting and be able to remember his spirit with.

Haven’t entirely settled on a pattern yet but I am leaning towards The Great Divide shawl as I think it will play wonderfully with the variegated yarn.

Until next time….