Sweater progress!

Tonight I had a few hours of wonderful knitting on my sweater. I am a out halfway through the front piece. In about 10 rows I will start the armholes! I just finished ball #2 of yarn and will join #3 tomorrow morning after I get it all wound up!

Now I am trying to plan ahead for the sleeves. Do you think it would be wise to do both sleeves at the same time? Or should I just stick to 1 at time? What is your favorite method to do sleeves?


2 thoughts on “Sweater progress!

  1. I just realized that I’ve never knit an adult sweater that required me to knit long sleeves. My brother’s sweater will, so now, after thinking about it some, I say do it two at a time. Especially if the sleeve pattern is just stockinette, at least you can just knit and not really worry about patterns and end up with two sleeves that are the same size.

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