Book Review: To Have and To Hold

I just finished this book on Audible this weekend. I’ve been listening to it this summer on my commutes between daycare and home during the pandemic. It was nice to get some “me” time on those drives.

This book I learned about from listening to the HERSelf podcast and they had an interview with the author Molly Millwood. I found her to be very genuine and honest about motherhood and the challenges, expectations, and feelings associated with it.

The book was good and enlightening. It put into words many of the things I’ve experienced since becoming a mother. She also offered up some good perspective on things. It’s okay to not enjoy every moment of motherhood, you are a changed being after having children. The relationships you had prior to kids will be different good or bad and ways to overcome those differences or embrace them.

I would love to put some awesome quotes from the book in here but being an audio book that is hard to do.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a mother. It will change the way you see yourself.

Until next time…


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