Goals for the New Year

I know, I know. It’s not even Christmas yet, and here a I am discussing the New Year. I just wanted to start a post that had some of the goals (knitting and personal) that I want to accomplish in the new year.


  1. Knit a full sized sweater for myself. I have yet to do something of this magnitude, but this is a goal. I’ve seen many a sweater pattern I’d like to try, so this is a lofty goal for the new year.
  2. Learn to knit continental. Yeah that sounds like an odd thing right? But I kind of can do it, but not very well and it’s always attemptedi n the middle of some project I’m working on. It looks like it might add some speed to my knitting and I’d like to learn it.
  3. Make something felted…on purpose. Now I’ve done this by complete accident (sorry R about the boot socks), but I’d really like to try something that is SUPPOSED to be felted. Something like a bottle cozy or a felted pair of slippers.
  4. Learn to spin. At least on a drop spindle. This is something I’m interested in learning if more for the process and the knowledge of fiber than anything.


  1. Do a yoga session at least twice a week. I miss this part of my life. I was good about this most of the way through college. I did buy a yoga DVD last week and have done 1 workout on it. I want to get where I’m doing yoga at least twice a week if not more. This is one of those personal workout goals that always seem to work for about a week or two, then die out. I don’t want that to happen.
  2. Visit Friends. I want to make it to my close friends’ houses at least once in the year 2010. A couple are close, 2-3 hours away, others are farther 4-5 hours. I want to go and visit them for at least a weekend.
  3. Start cooking dinner. Right now it’s more like…hmm what can I get for dinner that doesn’t involve me spending more than 5 minutes preparing it. I want to get to where I’m making actual dinner (you know veggies, potatoes, meat) a couple times a week if not more. I’m not talking Julia Childs sort of dinner, but you know, something filling that doesn’t come in a paper take out box/bag.

As I keep coming up with things to add I’ll update this post. Then when I complete something I’ll check it off the list!

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