Rebirth x2

I’ve been working on decluttering some of my projects. I’ve been going throug the WIPs and have been cutting ties with the ones that I just have fallen out of love with. The first to get the axe this past week was my Carousel Socks. While I loved the pattern and the construction technique, I just wasn’t loving the end result. It was fun while it lasted.





Yup those socks are done for. I have recast the yarn on already and have a good chunk of a toe-up vanilla sock already complete. These are living in my purse and mostly get worked on during lunch hour at work.

The second project to get the axe was my Boneyard Shawl. I had started this as part of the Knitabulls Stephen West KAL in April, but got 1/4 of the way in and just stopped knitting on it. It’s a lot of stockinette stitch which made it an easy TV watching knitting project, but I realized that I just don’t wear a lot of my triangular shawls all that much.

 It was ripped out this morning while I was watching a podcast since I’m on a knitting break until this tendinitis clears up. That way I at least got to “play” with some yarn which made me feel a little bit better! 

There are some othe projects that will get the axe, but for now this should help with my decluttering!




3 thoughts on “Rebirth x2

  1. I think it is so freeing to admit, “you know, this just isn’t working for me,” no guilt, just honesty. There isn’t enough to knit any way, let’s use our knitting time happily.

  2. Sometimes I wish I was better at listening to my inner knitter where projects like this are concerned… Would save me hours of time and miles of yarn…

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