Stockinette Purgatory

Sunday I realized I was in Stockinette Purgatory. This is because EVERY one of my projects was to the point where I just had miles and miles of stockinette stitch to go before anything interesting happened. The featherweight is past all the increases. The Gemini is also past all the lacey bits and increases. It is just stockinette.

Due to this purgatory state, I needed, no craved, something more. Something with an interesting stitch or even a YO for the love of pete. I did need to knit up a couple wash cloths for a swap I’m participating in so I decided to go ahead and cast one of those on last night. I am going to with the traditional ball band dishcloth, but instead of using 2 colors, I’m using a rather varigated yarn. It is definitely making for an interesting knit.


In addition to the dishcloth I finally managed to sit down and get the toe finished and the foot of the sock started so I now have work/lunch/purse knitting again. This was taken Saturday morning at my favorite coffee shop here in Omaha. Legends Coffee. You can have coffee, soda, etc and the most delicious banana chocolate muffin in the world. I guess the owner gets them at Costco. She mentioned to me Saturday she could pick up an extra 6-pack of them and give them to my husband since he is a regular during the week. I thought that was very nice of her.


We were going to ride our bikes down there Saturday morning but we both realized that neither of us had bike locks to lock our bikes up. So this week we will be getting some of those so we can do our Saturday morning routine on 2 wheels this next weekend!


5 thoughts on “Stockinette Purgatory

  1. Find some interesting podcasts, audiobooks, or a TV series to help you get through the boring knitting. I finished my featherweight last month, and it is well worth it to get to the border/collar.

  2. I know what you mean about all projects getting to stockinette at the same time, happens to me too 😉

    The dishcloth for variety sounds like an excellent plan, and the colours are fab 🙂

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