WIP Wednesday: Short Socks and Graffiti

It has been a few weeks since I did an official WIP Wednesday post.  This week I’m bringing you progress on my “Socks Formerly Known as Carousel“.

Short Socks – Biscotte & Cie Felix Base

Yup that is what they look like now! That is sock #1 freshly off the needles Monday night. I immediately cast on for #2 and have a good deal of the toe done already. I was intending on these being my standard 6.5 inch leg  socks but I got just past the heel an inch or so and thought “hmm, I want to wear these but don’t want tall socks in summer”. Decided that these were going to be short socks so I can wear them now instead of waiting until the cold of winter comes along. I’m guessing based on my previous sock knitting that I will have enough left to do a pair of fingerless mitts with the remaining yarn. I think that will be just perfect. I really love the colors of this yarn and want to be able to maximize it! 

Installing a cool crochet strip made by Shells!

This past weekend I committeed some good old tomfoolery with a close friend of mine, Shells. She had asked earlier in the month if I would be interested in helping out with a yarn graffiti project another cycling friend of hers wanted to do. I chose to knit up a small strip and also to sneak out in the dead of night, (okay, it was 9pm) and install them in an area of Omaha called Benson! Never having done this before I came arme with a Chibi needle, flashlight, spare yarn, and some scissors. Another friend of ours had used her knitting machine to make up quite  few long stockinette strips which were super easy to install. 

Hard at work whip stitching!

If you want to see some more WIPs head on over to Tami’s!


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