Tour de Fleece – Days 1 and 2

Tour de Fleece started June 30th! This is the spinning event that happens every year during the Tour de France bicycle race. They spin, we spin. It’s a good way to spend 3-4 weeks really focused on your spinning. I’m using it this year to really improve my spindle spinning skills.

The goal this year is to spin a minimum of 15 minutes a day.

Day 1 – June 30th

I did nothing. I was so busy prepping my house for the cookout we had Saturday night, that I didn’t touch fiber or spindle!

Day 2 – July 1st

I got up first thing in the morning and set out to pre-draft the fiber I intend to spin up. This is a continuation of the previous fiber I’ve been spinning. I measured out .5 ounce and started pre-drafting. I think the pre-drafting right now really helps me achieve closer to consistent singles.


I had started the spindle with 1 ounce already spun up and just added to that. I clocked 60 minutes of spinning for Day 2!


I’m on one team for the Tour de Fleece this year. Team Knitgirllls. Lala of the Knitgirllls Podcast came up with a cool BINGO board to give you some ideas to try out during the TdF! Here is my Bingo board as it stands:

So far with the fiber I’ve spun I’ve been able to cross off:

  • Wool – 100% Shetland Falls into this
  • Worsted Spun – Not letting twist up into the fibers you are drafting
  • Roving – the Yarn Pirate I’ve been spinning comes in a braided roving
  • Spindle Spun
  • Purple – While this yarn is a mix of colors I’m claiming purple because I have some blue I think will end up being spun next.

Total TdF Spinning as of July 2nd: 60 minutes

Total TdF ounces: 0.5 ounces

I will post a couple times during the week to document my learning!


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