FO Friday: I made yarn!

On a continuation of Wed’s post, I have the FO photos of the yarn I spun up this last week. I finally made some time to go outdoors and photograph it! Yesterday was perfect as it was overcast, and I think those get the best photos because you don’t have the glare from the sun!

The bird’s nest of pre drafted fiber

This is the fiber pre-spinning. I just love the colors! Not my normal ones by any means, but gorgeous nonetheless.  This is 100% Shetland wool dyed by Yarn Pirate. A friend gifted me this fiber last fall when I first started spindling.  I still have another ounce I believe that I plan to spin up sometime in the future!

 On a side note, I can’t believe how good of quality photos my new camera takes. Granted I resized these down for the blog, but the large images are insane! 

For more FO’s, go to Tami’s


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