TdF Week 1

Week 1 of Tour de Fleece has flown right by! I have to admit that I didn’t really get as much done on the spinning front as I would have liked.  I haven’t finished the 2 ounces that I set out to spin this week at all. I think by looking at the fiber ball, that I have about 1/2 and ounce left to spin and then I will need to ply stuff!


I’m still spinning on the same Yarn Pirate Shetland. I’m really loving the shetland and how it is spinning up. I feel I have finally become “one with the fiber” so to speak! I’m not struggling to draft it as much and I’m really digging the ply that I’m getting out.

It was just so hot this week that spinning for more than 10 or 15 minutes was a pain. My hands would get sweaty and then my fiber would start sticking to EVERYTHING in sight! The heat supposedly has broken and now it’s only 90 degrees out instead of over 100. Guess I will do some more spinning today!

Instead of spinning I did mess around with the camera to take some FO shots of the Honey Cowl and also of my spinning progress!


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