Home Improvement

This week my house has been buzzing with workers! It was time for the house to get a new roof.  The old one (you can see the remaining old roof just below the upper windows in the picture below) was not looking good. It had been in bad shape for the last year and really needed redoing. We had saved up all year to get it done!


Bright and early they showed up to rip it off! Soon they were putting on the shiny new shingles!


You couldn’t dare get me up there doing that!  In additino to the new roof we decided we wanted a skylight in the bathroom!


So they cut a hole in the roof and put a skylight in! Ours is a tube design with a dome on the outside. Inside there will be a filter that diffuses the light so it is a softer light than a straight sunlight. It was so weird just seeing a hole above the shower!


They worked until the sun went down on Monday night and finished the whole roof!!! Isn’t it pretty?

Since they were there doing that, we had the contractor bid out for replacing or fixing the beam on our porch. It had started sagging over the years because when they built it the building code was different than it is now. So they put in some new boards there!


They should be back today to finish up the skylight work inside and I will be glad to have it all done! We will have some painting to do both inside and out, but it is definitely worth it!


2 thoughts on “Home Improvement

  1. I love the idea of having a skylight in the bathroom. And what a relief to get that porch roof fixed. It would have worried me to no end, but that’s because neither the hubby nor I are especially handy at these kinds of things. Looks great!

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