Long time coming…

Alright, finally I have some photos of the projects I’ve been working neglecting in the past few weeks.

First up is the Liesel scarf. I wrote about this last week. You know the scarf where I cast on 3 separate times and still am not 100% sure that the pattern I’m knitting is correct? Yeah, that one. Here’s what I have so far…

Liesel Scarf

Trust me when I say that stretched out much like it will be when I block it, it looks much better. I’m still not sold on it though. We’ll see if it speaks to me anytime soon. I might frog it and find a different pattern. I think the alpaca is too ‘droopy’ for this lace pattern.

I found a new owner for my Pretty Thing Cowl that I made last month. My new SIL! She loves the grey, and she loves the cowl! I decided I’m not a cowl person. I like knitting them, just not wearing them. So that ‘s on the table to be washed and blocked this week. Hopefully I can get it finished for her to wear while it’s still cold (not that we are expecting a heat wave or anything).

I spoke about the Traveling Scarves group I’m in on Ravelry. I finished my starter portion of my scarf and sent it on to the next person in line.

Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf

I started off with a charcoal grey Berroco Ultra Alpaca. I cast on with a knitted cast on, 326 sts (though I think I should have done more like 400 sts). Then used 2 rows of a tealy green Ultra Alpaca, and then 2 rows of Royal Blue Ultra Alpaca. I love the pattern I’m interested to see how it turns out once people add some brighter colors to it along the way. I am expecting sometime this week or next I’ll be getting the one from the person ahead of me in the group. I can’t wait!

Last thing on the list of things to blog about is my chart keepers I’ve started making. I got this wild idea a few weeks ago while working on a lace pattern and using my makeshif chart keeper that was construction paper and paperclips. I know that this isn’t something new and creative, they have been around for awhile. I just decided to make some myself.

The first set of them were paper on magnetic strips. That worked well but the paper kind of wears out where you fold them. So I went to the hobby shop and picked up some cool ribbon. I made some of them up and took a photo. I’ve decided to sell them for $7 for a set (1 short, 1 long). I need to tell my sit and knit ladies that. They were wanting some!

Chart Keepers

It’s a toss up between the little green turtles and the orange and brown polka dots as to which is my favorites.

That’s it for now.  Happy knitting!


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