Slow week…

This last week has been a slow knitting week, but a busy in life week as well. I had a family member pass away last week. It wasn’t really expected, but when things like that happen it always makes you take a look at the big picture. Funny how that works.

I had to drive home Monday night for the services that were on Tuesday morning. In the process of riding I cast on Liesel for the 1st time. I make it all the way through 1 pattern repeat (which is 4 garter stitch rows plus 10 pattern rows) and I realize something doesn’t really look right. Hmm…I get to reading the pattern and realize maybe I just misread something. I take the opportunity to frog it.

I cast on a second time. This time I decide that this would be a good opportunity to practice my continental knitting. This was probably not the brightest of ideas, because continental is tough still right now in plain garter stitch let alone a fairly intermediate lace pattern. I get about 6 rows into it this time and frog it yet again.

I put the knitting away. I tuck it in the back to not be seen for awhile until I figure out what I want to do. I really like this yarn and I really like this pattern and I only brought with me this yarn, pattern, and needles. Nothing else to work on. Period. So I’ll have to do something….

I’m on Facebook talking to a friend and ask her why my pattern is jacked up. I get to really reading the pattern this time and realize that the chart is written differently than I’d seen before. So far all my lace patterns have been read Right to Left on EVERY row. This one I realize is Left to Right on the WS and Right to Left on the WS. This bumfoozles me. I’m talking I have no idea what to do with this. Do I do what it says, surely it can’t be wrong, but all the other patterns are different so this one must be wrong and I must be right…this is the argument I have in my head.

Well friend and I continue chatting and we decided the pattern must be right and I must knit on without fear of consequences. Third time is charm, right?

So on the way back to my home, I’m riding along, and decide the yarn has had enough punishment being shoved in the bottom of my bag and I dig it out. I cast on and follow the pattern precisely. Guess what? ….it worked….

I guess I’m not a lace knitting genius, but there’s that blind faith that everything will work out in the end that has to be mustered up from within. So far I’m 1 and a half pattern repeats through it. I think it will be my “not knitting on my shawl” project. Right now that makes 2 lace projects and nothing mindless for sit and knit days, which brings me to the next thing on my list.

Traveling Scarves. I joined a traveling scarf group on Ravelry a few months ago. They didn’t have any groups with openings in them so I just hung about and eventually forgot about the group all toegether. I got contacted last week by the leader of a group that was looking to add some new blood to the mix. I decided “What the heck?” and joined. I am going to be making a lengthwise scarf from alpaca or alpaca blends. The pattern I’ve picked out is the Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf.

For those interested, the way the Traveling Scarf works is you cast on your scarf and knit about 6 inches or so of it. (In the lengthwise case about 6-9 rows since it won’t be very wide, but it will be very long). Then you mail it off to the next person on your list. you in clue the needles, the pattern and a journal so that your knitter friends can write down what yarn they used, or if they used differet sized needles, or a different pattern (some are a ‘anything goes’ type of scarf with many patterns). You will also get a scarf in the mail from someone upstream from you. You find some yarn in your stash (or go out and buy it, or use what they have sent) knit up your section of the scarf and mail it on. It will take about 6 months for it to make the rounds of the group and when it is done you have an awesome scarf that has traveled the country.

I’m pretty excited about this endeavour. I think I’m going to make a “Passport” for my scarf so that I can see where it’s gone on it’s journey.

This has turned out to be a giant wall of text. I will add some photos in here later this evening or tomorrow.


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