Friday updates…

Since it is the end of the week I should probably update ya’ll on my knitting progress. The Liesel is coming along nicely. I figured out that I can knit 15 rows of the pattern in one episode of Doctor Who. Interesting math on that I might add. Liesel is about 15 inches long now. I know that doesnt’ seem like a lot but I’m 2/3 through the first ball of yarn so I’m expecting about 25 inches on one ball of yarn. 2 balls of yarn would equal about 50 inches and I know this scarf is going to block much longer. It’s probably going to get another 3 inches or so wide when I block it judging by how stretchy it is.

That’s about the only thing I’ve been knitting on. The Shetland Lace Triangle has been glaring at me from the end table in the living room since I haven’t been working on it lately. I think I’ll pick it up again sometime soon. The Liesel is easy enough lace to do while watching Doctor Who, so the Shetland will have to wait, though I need to get it knocked out so I can start on my friend’s wedding shawl.

In other news I believe we are getting closer to putting in an offer on a house. The DH and I have been looking for about a month now and we may have found ‘the one’. Mentally I’ve been thinking about where I’d set up knitting space/stash space. There’s a lovely enclosed porch that will become my pet project and probably will make a lovely knitting space 3 seasons of the year. Who knows if I do it right it could be cozy in the winter too! There’s a nice office on the 2nd floor that is small maybe 8 ft long by 5 ft wide that could also make a nice stash space or place to sit and knit. Who knows. When I know more I’ll post it.

Happy knitting!


One thought on “Friday updates…

  1. Good luck with the house stuff. I know it can be kind of stressful finding the right house. Once you’re in it and settled it’ll feel great though!

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