Another Craft

The heat is crazy here. It makes me really not want to knit a darn thing. So instead I have been dabbling in sewing. 

I have really enjoyed some Instagram posts of people and their handmade wardrobe lately. I have my sweaters and things but those aren’t great for summer. I have been into wearing skirts to beat the heat, especially to work. 

I decided this week I would try to sew up some wardrobe pieces for myself. I had already made a couple dresses for Evelyn and I have a few more planned for her already. 

I had this store bought skirt I found myself wearing often because of its lightweight cotton feel and imthe elastic waist. I decided to make another one for myself. I hit up a fabric sale at JoAnn’s and purchased some ivory linen/cotton fabric with this lovely embroidery on it. 

It was gorgeous! I stitched this up in an afternoon! Definitely would change how I did the elastic on the waistband in the future (not very good at sewing it down) and do it in a casing instead. No need to be a hero. I want to get some more fabric and make a few more skirts but not quite yet. 

Here’s a picture of the final result. It is super comfy! 

I have already started on my next project which is a free pattern by Colette called Sorbetto. 

Until next time…


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