500 Posts and Some Crafting

According to my WordPress app I hit 500 posts on the blog in late June. 

I say that is an impressive feat. Never thought it would get here! I have enjoyed blogging and hope to continue it. 

There has been spinning, knitting, and sewing going on in the precious spare time I have found lately. I keep thinking I should do a quick post, but something else gets in the way (and she is pretty cute!)

Spinning has gone well this month. While I wasn’t officially participating in the Tour de Fleece, I did set out to spin this Loop bump over the course of the month. I have managed about 4 of the 5.5 oz so far. Evie is making spinning a bit more challenging but she will sit on my lap and “help” for a few minutes. 

Sewing has become a slight obsession lately and I am not sure why. I subscribed to Seamwork Magazine and have enjoyed reading it. I feel it has really inspired me to do some sewing for myself. I hit up a sale at Joann’s to aquire some fabric to make this Sorbetto top. I had never done a garment for myself and this seemed like an easy one to start with. I couldn’t resist the little strawberries on this cotton. 

After the Sorbetto success I have fabric for another Sorbetto that is a slippery polyester/silk blend. Last weekend I spent 1 naptime (this is how you measure your free time if you are a parent) cuttinf out the 2nd Sorbetto and the fabric for my Adelaide dress. Both are awaiting some time for me to start sewing them.

Knitting is also going well, but slow since the other crafts have been calling dibs on the free time. I have knit up a few quick washcloths, made serious progress on a summer tee, knit a few rows on a shawl, and began knitting socks foe my bestie. Other projects are waiting in the wings as things get finished up. 

There is a quick recap of crafting in my life. 

Until next time…


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