Yes I Still Spin

It has been a good long while since there was any sign of a spinning update on here. I just thought I’d let you know that while the wheel spent a good few months tucked in the corner of my living room gathering dust, I have unearthed it and started doing some spinning.

Much of this can be attributed to seeing wonderful posts on Instagram of people and their spinning accomplishments. 

First order of business was to fnish the batts I had on the wheel since summertime. They were spinning up pretty fine and taking a long while (this happens when you do not spin very much!)

Singles Spun Up

I finished those up last week and let them rest for a couple of days before winding them off and giving them a good bath. I’d decided awhile ago this would be a single and I wouldn’t be plying it up. 

Finished Single Ply Laceweight

 I have to say I’m pleased with this spin. The fiber prep was really well done and the colors are amazing. I ended up with about 674 yards of a laceweight/heavy fingering weight yarn. I think this is begging to be some sort of a lacey shawl, but I haven’t settled on a pattern yet.

Once I had this finished up, I grabbed a new braid of fiber out of the stash. A 80/20 merino/silk blend from Shadawyn Fiber Arts off Etsy in the Severus Snape colorway. It’s spinning up fairly fine, and I’m planning a 2-ply with it.


Until next time…


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