Pop! Blanket

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve had some secret knitting I’ve been working on and now I get to reveal it!

This is the Pop! blanket by Tincanknits. I love the look of this blanket and I loved the finished object, but the path getting to the end was quite full of many twists and turns and quite a bit of ripping back. 

I decided on using Classic Elite’s Liberty Wool for the colored parts and Cascade 220 superwash for the white. I needed two superwash yarns as the pattern called for Noro and regular Cascade 220. Not too many yarns out there with the long color repeats of Noro and are washable. I am pleased to say I loved how the Liberty Wool knit up and washed up. Very lovely.

The thing I struggled with most on this project was the seaming of the squares. I had not really done a single crochet seam before, and I learned quite a few things this time out. First up, don’t under any circumstances seam while really sick. Your brain will not be at its best and you will make some poor decisions. 

The first time seaming this (yes, I said ‘first’) I used too small of a hook and seamed on the wrong side of the blanket. This mean there was zero stretch in the joins. So when I washed it and blocked it, nothing would budge. It was too tight, it didn’t look finished at all. And yes, I noticed this while I was seaming but the famous last words “oh this will block right out” I vaguely remember muttering. 

I ripped it all out a few weeks later (it was in time-out for much of early March).  

Once I realized my error, consulted Google, Ravelry, and texted many, many knitter pals, I pulled out a bigger hook and started again. This time I seamed on the right side of the work, which left these beautiful seams in the end. (By the way, these tips of infinite wisdom are in the pattern, but apparently I chose to ignore them.)

To finish off this lovely blanket, I chose to do a simple applied icord edging. I just love how it tidies up all the joins and in this case, I used the remaining Libery Wool to really make the blanket pop! I love the finishing on this project, even if it took longer than knitting all the squares.

Truthfully this is one of my favorite knitting projects this year, and I was a little bit sad to give it away, though I know the little girl receiving it will love it.

Until next time…



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