Long Lost Socks

Since I had finished my gift socks and sent them to their new home, it was time to get some socks back on the needles for myself. I have a pair that I had started last winter and recently found in my pile of WIPs. So I dug them out and tossed them in my purse so that I could get some progress on them while I could.

Harvest Dew out of Dancing Dog Dyeworks Yarn

On Thursday this is where my socks started. I ended up having a longer than normal wait at the doctor’s office (nothing major, routine appointment) and managed to get about an hours worth of knitting done on these. 

Friday night we had plans with some friends to attend a local fish fry. This included standing around in a church parking lot basically tailgaiting and then enjoying some fairly decent fish, slaw, and fries. This meant even more time to work on the socks. By Saturday morning, I was to the heel flap.

Heel flap in progress

After this photo was taken I had some more time at the doctor’s office waiting on bloodwork to be done (again, routine, nothing to worry about). I’m now just about to start the heel turn on these! 

It’s rather amazing how much knitting gets done when you actually sit down and knit on a project. 

Until next time…



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