Adventures in Bentos


So there are are few food blogs I love to follow, and one of them is called Just Bento. A few years ago I got interested in Bento lunches as a way to help choose healthier options and portion control for eating. I never have been very good at making them. I think this is due to poor planning on my part as well as not making my lunch until 5 minutes after I was supposed to leave for work.

Luckily for me the Just Bento blog has started an informal “Bento 101” course you can follow along with on the blog. I haven’t been doing everything that has been posted. I in fact haven’t done a darn thing that has been posted, but apparently it has all been filed away in my brain somewhere for later use.

Sunday I had made some taco thingies for a dinner on Sunday night. I had some leftover ingredients and decided this would be a good opportunity to try my hand at a basic bento box for lunch on Monday. I loaded up the leftover ground meat (under the lettuce). I added in some chopped tomatoes, and some cheese (also under the lettuce). I put in some chips as well.


This isn’t the greatest photo, but it is representative of a basic bento lunch. Things are portioned out and I tried to group things so that the parts would stay fresh in the fridge and not get mushy. Hoping to try more of these simple ideas in the future.

Until next time…


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