Spinning Update


Isn’t that so pretty!?!?! Yes. Yes it ….was. Sigh. I guess sometimes spinning doesn’ go as expected for anyone and part of this is me getting bored with this fiber and wanting to move on to grander, shinier things (literally).

In any case I decided I was going to three ply this, by doing a Navajo ply. It is a technique I’ve been wanting to get better at. However I didn’t spin this very well. The singles were loosely spun in places and I think the plain merino fiber just wasn’t wanting to cooperate with me at all while I was spinning it.


When the Navajo plying didn’t work, I thought “Hey, I can wind it off and do a 2 ply from a center pull ball.” I really should have stopped right there. The photo above is enough of an explanation. Somethow the ball exploded off the winder and ended in a tangled kinky mess.

So I moved onto something grander, and shinier. More on that in another post…

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Spinning Update

  1. It’s such a learning curve, isn’t it? I’ve borked a lot of singles in N-Ply attempts! But it’ll come! I have to make sure when I start the singles that I decide if I want to N-Ply or not because if I do it totally changes what I need to keep in mind while spinning the singles.

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