A Different Type of Stitching


So this weekend I decided it was time to finish a project that has been languishing in the WIP pile at my house. I made this denim 9 square quilt back 10 years ago or so. I love this quilt. It went to college with me and has been used nearly every day in those 10 years (minus the last 3 months it has been in pieces).

The jeans were old jeans when they went into the quilt and 10 years of use caused some to wear thin, get holes and fall apart. I needed to patch those areas as well as put a new backing fabric on it. The backing I’d used before was an old jersey sheet I had laying around. It was stretched out, holey and just all around falling apart.


Saturday I went to Joann’s and picked up this lovely bird print flannel for the back of the quilt! I thought it was super cute and give the quilt a bit more of a modern feel to it while adding some more warmth!


I’ve been using left over bits from the backing fabric to patch up the holes on the top side. I’m doing all the patch sewing by hand to give it that ‘homemade’ feel. I saw some interesting ways to do the patches on Pinterest and decided it would give the quilt some character if they weren’t done perfectly.


I’m using different colored thread too for the patches. Some are blue , some are darker blue and some are white. I didn’t have any green in my thread stash so I just went with the blues.


There are about 5 more patches to sew on the top and then I will seam the 2 pieces for the back. Then I will juse have sewing the top and bottom together. That part scares me. Lots of pins and lots of sewing to be done!

Until next time…


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