Learning Curve


Last week I began the process of learning a couple new spinning techniques. First up was spinning some fiber woolen style.  This spinning technique you let the twist travel back into your fiber instead of smoothing it out with your fingers. This allows for more air to get trapped in the fibers as they are spun to create a loftier single.


I used some orange corriedale I had in the stash. It was about 5/8th of an ounce. So just enough to learn on! I spun up the singles and then decided that I should also try out some navajo plying.  I have to say this technique took me most of the singles to figure out. Once I got the concept it wasn’t too bad.


This spinning was far from perfect. I did break the ply a few times while navajo plying, which is also a good way to learn how to fix it. As you can see in the photo I didn’t always get the fix right either. I think the problem was that the woolen spun single wasn’t as tightly spun as it should have been either.


In the end I ended up with 26 yards of a navajo plyed yarn. I would say it is somewhere around a worsted weight. I am looking forward to perfecting both of those techniques in the future.

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Learning Curve

  1. Looks great to me! and it’s so much fun to compare future attempts at any new technique back to that first one! I love the look of Navajo plied yarn but still struggle with the technique sometimes. Fun to keep working at it, though!

  2. Looks really awesome for a first attempt to me! I just started trying to do long-draw this week too. I’m having so much fun learning something new but it’s definitely something I need to keep practicing. My singles are not exactly what one would call even.

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