WIP Wednesday: Spinning Edition

I got bit by the spinning bug this week. I don’t know how it happened but all I’ve wanted to do for the last day is SPIN!  I have learned it is always best to ride these waves of inspiration out instead of trying to push them to the side.  For the last couple of weeks I’ve had more of of the Yarn Pirate Shetland on my spindle.  I finished the singles last week and felt it was time to ply last night.

2-ply Shetland dyed by Yarn Pirate

I loved how this barber poled as I spun it! It turned out much better than previous spinning of this fiber! Right after I plied it I skeined it up on my mini niddy-noddy and gave it a bath.

It was still slightly damp this morning, but I expect it to be completely dry by tonight. It looks like it is going to be about a light worsted weight to a bulky weight. It is fairly evening spun and I think just a tad overspun. The last bit I did was way underspun in places. To go along with the spindle fever, I dug out a spindle I was RAKed quite awhile ago. It is a very lightweight spindle designed for spinning rathe fine yarns.

 I think most of this was brought on by a pattern that appeared in the new Knitty First Fall 2012 earlier this week. The Political Process Mitts really jumped out at me and said KNIT ME! The pattern was designed for sport weight handspun so I am going to try to spin enough to make those mitts! For more WIPs, head on over to Tami’s Amis blog to check them out! -AMU