A Good Weekend

This last weekend was an amazing one! Sunday I had the joy of driving to Palisades State Park, just outside Sioux Falls, South Dakota! This place is crazy awesome! All of a sudden right in the middle of these rolling green hills, this out cropping of rocks and a wide stream show up!

Palisades State Park, South Dakota

We arrived around 10 am and set up for some climbing.  All in all I think we climbed at least 5 different routes. I made it up 4 successfully and gave up about halfway on one of them. It was a bit outside my normal skill level. For me this was the first time getting to climb on real rocks without predetermined holds set up! I loved every minute of it. There were ferns, and moss, and other natural things growing on the wall that really gave it some cool texture.  The holds weren’t always obvious either which was a bit of a challenge.

I am already planning my next trip up here! It will involve climbing, camping and perhaps some kayaking!

Jason and the “Crag Dog” Gracie

Me climbing up a crack

This was an awesome climb!



2 thoughts on “A Good Weekend

  1. How fun!! I’ve never done real rock climbing but it sounds awesome!! Love the last picture with the puppy! 😉

  2. Weird…as soon as I posted…2 more pictures came up of you! LOVE LOVE that last one with you doing the splits! How cool!

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