A New Direction and New Yarn!

Last night I met up with the designer I’m doing the test knit for. These meetings always make me nervous. Not because she’s scary or anything, but because I’m offering up some critiques of her work. Her design. Her dream garment. I fretted the entire drive to Whole Foods last night over what I would say. Do I tell her straight up that I think that the sleeve is not my thing? Do I casually slip it in there? Do I mention I think the stitch count is weird, or off or even, wrong? How do I do it? Will she be mad? Upset? Angry? I hope she doesn’t think I’m a horrible test knitter. This is my first time doing something this large and complex.

In the end it wasn’t anything worth fretting over. I offered up a suggestion or two. We talked about it. We made a plan. So I will end up frogging the 3 inches I’ve got knit on the first sleeve and starting over. Not a terrible deal in the end. This weekend will include the casting on of the sleeve once again with a bigger needle and a bit of design change. I hope this works out. *Fingers crossed*

In payment for my knitting services I did get to pick a lovely yarn out of her stash. I chose 8 skeins of Cascade 22o in the Mallard 2448 colorway. It’s a lovely heathered tealy blue. I’m planning on doing the Kaptaan sweater for myself out of it.

Cascade 220 Heathers in 2448 Mallard


4 thoughts on “A New Direction and New Yarn!

  1. I think you have failed to take into account what the term “test knitter” actually means. It means you are to offer up critiques of her work and her writing of the pattern.

  2. Yes – constructive commentary is what test knitting is all about. Future knitters using the pattern will benefit – as well as the designer, since, if it works, her pattern might sell better.

  3. Glad you were able to work through your critiques with the designer – she seems pretty receptive. That Mallard color is really, really delicious!

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