My Other Hobby

This weekend the knitting suffered a bit as I spent my afternoons lazing in the sun on Saturday. Okay, maybe not lazing but definitely tending to the overgrown mess that is my yard and flower beds. Made a good dent in things. The retaining wall still needs weeds pulled. My doggie found a nest of snakes in there Saturday so I decided I’d let them move on before I ventured close enough to pull weeds.

Sunday I spent the morning starting to read The Hunger Games. Yup, I jumped on that bandwagon. I’m 71% into the book according to my Kindle App on my iPad. I can’t put that book down!

Sunday afternoon was the first day my climbing place was open again for the year. I headed out about 3pm and stayed out there until 6pm and only left because my husband got back home and I was hungry. Otherwise I could have been out there ’til dark easy!

I decided to try my hand at some lead climbing. This is where you take the rope up with you and anchor in along the way. It’s bit more “risky” in that you will fall however far it is to your last placed anchor, instead of the mere inches you fall in top roping (where the rope is already hung up for you).

My friend Clayton giving me some last minute pointers on the proper way to anchor in.

I’m sure I’ll be out there more this spring/summer/fall! It’s so much fun and such a great workout! -AMU