FO Friday: Surya and Hitchhiker and a Sock!

I have finished objects to show off today! I would have shown them off last week but I didn’t have any good photos to go with them.

First up is the Hitchhiker scarf that I started during Thanksgiving. I used Sanguine Gryphon’s Skinny Bugga! in the Experimental Love Child Colorway. I absolutely loved knitting with this yarn! So soft!

Hitchhiker in Skinny Bugga!

I managed to also get 42 points out of a 450 yard skein. The last 4 points were done by removing 2 rows from the pattern. Yes, I fudged it, but I really wanted my 42 points!!! This was knit on US 7 (4.5mm) needles.

I have to say I plan to knit the other 3 patterns in this series (Magrathea, Trillian, and Lintilla). I’d love to do them out of more Sanguine Gryphon as well!
Next up in the FO line up is the first sock of a pair! My Socks of Three are now halfway complete!
Socks of Three in STR Lightweight
Socks of Three in STR Lightweight

As you can see in the second photo the leg has a mock cable running on the ribbing. This is a pattern that I just made up. A simple 2×2 rib with a slip stitch heel borderd by garter stitch to make the picking up for the gusset super easy and quick! I just did my normal toe on this one. It is super comfy and I can’t wait to cast on its mate!

Last up is the Surya Shawl that I did on commission. I absolutely love the end result. It is projects like this that make me sad sometimes because I have to give them up. But if you love something you have to let it go right?  This will be winging its way to Canada this weekend!

Surya in Wollmeise 100%
Surya in Wollmeise 100%

This turned out stunning. I did have to cut out two repeats on the border because I was running out of yarn. I ended with about 10 yards of yarn left. I’m sure its new owner will love it just as much!

Well that concludes the FO parade for today. If you want to see some more lovelies, head on over to Tami’s and check out the linky thing!

11 thoughts on “FO Friday: Surya and Hitchhiker and a Sock!

  1. What beautiful projects 🙂 I love the hitchhiker (mine is currently my favourite scarf to wear!) and the sock looks fab 🙂

    The shawl is stunning, I’m sure the new owner will be completely in love with it 🙂

  2. I need to make a hitchhiker! Just need to pick the perfect yarn :). That shawl really is amazing and I’m sure somewhat hard to part with! I also love that mock cable on the sock, it looks great!

  3. All of them are so lovely. I heart the sock yarn, love those colors. I love the Hitchhiker, but it’s off set style would drive this OCD person crazy!! LOL. Everything has to be even with me. And the Surya, simply exquisite!

  4. Hitchhiker is gorgeous and surya is beautiful! I love the colour of your socks too! I have Magrathea on my list to make, and I have the yarn for it. I just need to finish off the hats and Christmas gifts I need to do, and then I can start!

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