FO Friday: Girasole

This is a project that I haven’t talked about in nearly half a year. The last post I did was back in June I believe. The knitting was all done and it just needed to be washed and block. However the recipients were no longer in Thailand, but heading to Tanzania, Africa. I don’t think they needed a wool blanket it Tanzania so I held on to it a bit longer. It layed in the FO pile finished, but unblocked.

This week they came up for a visit since they are back in the states looking for more permanent work. I washed and blocked the blanket out on my spare bed rather creatively and LOVE the finished result.

Girasole Blocking Out

While the photo doesn’t really do it justice, it is nice to have it completely done! They loved it and will definitely use it once they get settled in. My whole house smelled like wet wool for at least 3 days while this beast was drying.

The final diameter was 82″! This would have been much larger had I been able to block it out a bit more.
The yarn used was Plymouth Yarns Homestead which is an Eco-Friendly Bulky 2-ply. I loved knitting with it. The colors are all natural too! I would definitely use it again for a project. I could see this making a cozy overcoat or bulky sweater. It’s a bit rough, but it did soften up quite a bit when it was washed in some Euculean.
As usual on Fridays, head over to Tami’s to catch some more blog posts!

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