Log Cabin Knitting


So last week my darling husband requested a couple of baby blankets to be knit for a couple of his coworkers that are expecting their first babies in early fall. I thought this was a great idea for a neat gift and I was happy he told me NOW instead of in August when the babies are due.

I browsed around on Ravelry for sometime trying to find the perfect easy to knit baby blanket. Then I looked through patterns I had at home. I settled on the Mason-Dixon Moderne Baby Log Cabin blanket! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at a log cabin for awhile and a baby blanket seemed like the perfect medium to try it on.

I picked out some lovely boy colors for baby #1. Orange, medium blue, light blue and a chocolate brown. I just loved the color combination when I saw another raveler with one made out of them!

I cast on last week after purchasing the yarn. I decided on using Hobby Lobby I love this Yarn! because it is super soft and washable! I figure for a first time baby and first time parents, washable is the way to go!

Blocks 1-4 complete

To ease my pain of picking up stitches on the sides, I decided to put the bind off edges on scrap yarn so all I would have to do is slide the lives stitches onto my needles and pick up along the row edges when I needed to start a new block! This is giving me a nice neat edge! I’m also slipping the first stitch of each row to make a nice edge perfect for picking up stitches.

For a great explanation on how to pick up stitches in garter stitch, I used the Yarn Harlot’s explanation (with photos!) she did on her blog a few years ago when she was also knitting a log cabin blanket.

I just started block #5 of 10 this morning. The rows are getting longer! I did most of the knitting of block 3 and 4 in the car to visit family this weekend.  The miles of boring garter stitch is getting a bit monotonous so I have a sock in progress as well and some other lace knitting to “keep things interesting!”


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