Have you ever had that experience where you saw someone doing something and you just had to do it too?

Well that happened last night when some friends were sitting around spinning silk hankies. I had always thought that silk hankies were for “advanced spinners” or hard to spin or something I’d do someday. I have one that a friend sent last year to me that got stuck in the stash for “when I got good at spinning” or some lie like that.

I dug it out this morning along with my trusty spindle. Tonight we meet.

Sometimes these things spread like wildfire. Thanks Shells and Marja. I have a feeling I will be needing to buy some more.

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “Contagious

  1. I loved spinning my silk hankie!!! It was the first spinning experience I had and now spinning the wool roving is really difficult for me cause I’d gotten used to the silk!!! I just recently received another one and am excited to spin, even though I still haven’t worked up the one that I’ve already spun!

  2. I read an advanced sock knitter who worked with that. It was a bumpy ride for her. Pls chronicle your experience spinning this up. It’ll be interesting to get your opinion.

  3. Clearly I am evidence that silk hankies are not just for advanced spinners. I’m about as newbie as they come. And I find silk hankies very fun and easy going.

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