New On The Needles….

I cast on a new project yesterday! I guess I felt I was lacking WIPs since I really only have a pair of socks and an afghan actively on the needles.

I cast on My Wish which is a two color shawl created by LaLa of the Knitgirllls podcast. She made this pattern for a fundraiser that is going on over here. You can get the pattern with a $5 donation.

First few rows of the My Wish Shawl

This shawl is a two color shawl that when finished should measure around 70″ wide by 30″ deep. It should be perfect for wrapping up in on a cool summer night.

The yarn I chose was Malabrigo Sock. This will be the 3rd shawl in 2 months that I’ve used Malabrigo Sock for. I really love this yarn and it really blocks out really nice after a good bath. I chose the Violetas Africana and Negros colorways. In this shawl I’m using the purple for Color A and the negros for Color B.
I’m really loving how this is knitting up so far. Granted I’m only about 8 rows in, but it is going quick. I’m sure it will slow down as the shawl gets bigger like normal.

Hope everyong enjoys their upcoming weekend!


One thought on “New On The Needles….

  1. You’re really loving that Mal Sock! I love it too. There’s a sweater I want to make and it takes 3 skeins of sock yarn so I’ll get to lavish myself in it for a while.

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