WIP Wednesday: Gryffindor Socks

I can honestly say I haven’t done an update on these in quite sometime. That is due to them hanging out on the desk and not being worked on. I lost the sock mojo there for a couple of weeks and just didn’t knit on them. Then I got my new Tom Bihn bag this last week and needed a small portable project to tote around and picked the socks up once more.

The vast majority of the knitting on these was done during the 4th of July weekend. I took them EVERYWHERE with me. I knit at restaurants, at the ball game, in the car, etc. It really helps pass the time to have something like this to work on.

Gryffindor Socks in Progress

Don’t let the photo fool you, they are not getting smaller. It is just the way the ribbing pulls in as you get farther from the toe of the sock. See that little blue row? That is where I placed my waste yarn for the afterthought heel. I’m hoping I did it right. If not, someone with slightly smaller feet than me will be gettin a nice pair of handknit socks! I placed it 2 inches from the total length of my foot. So my foot is 9.25 inches long (I just round up to 9.5) and so I placed it at 7.5″. Here’s hoping that math was right.

So I’ll knit on this until the leg bit is about 6-7 inches long. I don’t like terribly tall socks, but I really like the stripes on this so I might make them 8-9″ tall. I should have plenty of yarn to do so as this is a 440 yd skein and I always have about 50 yds left from each ball of yarn.

The yarn I’m using is 3 Ewes Twisted in Fiber. This is their Gryffindor Colorway that was a special in the month of May on their Etsy shop. They also have their Artfire shop which has different colorways and their sock club.  As of today, it appears they are on vacation until later this week. Stop in and check them out!


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