Weather Woes


This was Saturday and Sunday. Rain and wet and cold. Not my kind of weather by any means. I didn’t have much going on as the plan was to work outside on the shed, the porch, and the flower bed of bind weed. (Oh yes, I’ve taken to growing this stuff in large quantities in the yard!)


Instead I ended up washing and blocking the Color Affection. I have to say that MadTosh in Tart did bleed a bit (okay a lot) of dye when I washed it. Luckily I had bought some color catcher sheets just for this sort of thing. They soaked that extra dye right up!


I started some dishcloths for a swap later this month. I have another in a different pattern over half done!


Finally late on Sunday afternoon the rain broke. There was blue sky for about 20 minutes and the radar was clear. So Ryan and I headed out to NP Dodge Park here in Omaha and decided to take the trail north. To our disappointment it goes about 2.5 miles and then it ends. You can continue on the shoulder of the road and go quite a bit farther north (several miles), but we chose to stick to the trail and turned around.


We finished our ride at the park near the river. It was a good ride, only about 7 miles total, but it was nice to get out. I anticipate with the weather being nice this week some more evening rides will take place.

Until next time…


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