Tasty Things


A couple weeks ago I did a Tasty Tuesday post and I had a few comments on it. It is really encouraging to have folks comment on the blog posts. In this case it really pushes me to try some new recipes out!  This last week my husband came up with some ideas for dinner.  First up was a stuffed cornish game hen. These were prepped with the stuffing at the grocery and we just popped them in the oven.


Now this is a photo and it looks tasty, but it had to go back into the oven for another 30 min or so. The middle wasn’t quite done. While they eventually cooked (about 2 hours!!!) I’m not sure I’m ready to try them again so soon. It was supposed to be an hour at 350F and turned into 2 hours at 350F it was not a speedy dinner. I wonder if I cooked them on a pan instead of in a baker dish if that would help.

Another favorite thing of ours to do for dinner is Brinner (breakfast + dinner!). Ryan loves to make these breakfast pigs in a blanket. We make up the pancake batter and then roll the cooked sausages in them. He is much better at the rolling step than I am. I come out with crazy looking ones when I do it.


I finally found an Angel Food cake pan at the store. I whipped up this lemon angel food cake on Saturday and I can tell you that there is about 3 pieces left and it is Tuesday. I don’t know what happened to the rest of it, but it sure is tasty!


The last item of fun from this week’s dinner was not something we made in our kitchen but something made at our favorite sushi place here in Omaha. Sushi Japan. It’s delicious no matter when you go. We decided on ordering something new.


That is the Mexican Caterpillar roll. The sushi chefs always impress me with their presentation. This roll had spicy tuna, tempura shrimp, avacado, and some other stuff. It was delicious! Almost too cute to eat!

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Tasty Things

  1. The sushi looks great. The sushi place I go to isn’t that cute. It is tasty though.

    I haven’t had good luck with Cornish game hens. You would think it would cook way faster than a whole chicken.

    Molly : )

  2. Cornish hen is fantastic. I need to make them more. My husband is a bit lazy and doesn’t like cutting it up.
    I like the way how your man makes those pigs in a blanket. Very innovative how pancakes are used.

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