Roadtrip to Lincoln

This weekend was the first of many roadtrips the knitting group here in Omaha will be doing. 8 of us headed to Lincoln, NE to visit Salli’s Yarn Shop.  We left at 9:15 am and got there just after 10am. We all spent an hour or so browsing through the yarns and books and other fun things they had there. Some of us had patterns in mind, some didn’t. I was hoping to find some yarn to do the Clapotis Wrap, but didn’t find anything that immediately caught my eye. Okay, I found some, but it was a bit out of my budget.

The Omaha Knitting Group at the Yarn Shop in Lincoln, NE

I did get to see some Qivuit. Qivuit is one of the most expensive yarns in the world. It comes from a bison like critter that lives up north. I’m really hoping that is true because I didn’t go and wikipedia it. At the Yarn Shop it was stored in a glass case. I didn’t get to pet it or anything but a coupld of us were kind of staring at it and drooling a bit. At $96 for just over 200yds laceweight, that yarn is DEFINITELY out of the budget.

We then ate some lunch at the Pink Sheep Cafe that is inside the Yarn Shop. I had a delicious chicken salad sandwich and some chips. They gave us all pink sheep sugar cookies too! Then we definitely got hungry later on and snacked on some of the Italian Wedding Cake they had there as well.

We all ended up buying something. I bought the Huggable Hedgehog pattern and the Cascade 220 in grey and a Cascade 220 in purple and some purple fun fur to complete one. The next post will have more information on that.

We returned to Omaha in the evening all of us a bit lighter in the pocket books and a bit heavier on woolly goodies and cake.  I hope to take some more trips like this!