Maine Morning Mitts

Okay, so I haven’t officially cast these on yet, but I will before the night ends. Just watch me. I’m planning on using them as my take along project this weekend while I’m off getting married. They look simple enough to pull out when I need to relax or kill a few minutes.

Last night I stopped into my LYS because I hadn’t been in since before Thanksgiving and I wanted to check the clearance bin. There’s always something neat in there for 40% or so off because it’s the last of a dye lot or something like that. I picked up a skein of Noro Silk Garden for like $5. I couldn’t resist. I’ve been itching to try this yarn out for awhile, mainly because I absolutely LOVE the colors. I don’t remember off the top of my head which color way it is, but I don’t care.

I’m going to use it for a pair of Maine Morning Mitts. They are a pair of fingerless gloves designed to use 1 skein of Noro. I’m excited. I could use a pair of warm mitts for when I’m typing in my icebox of an office and when I’m sitting around the house knitting, etc. Plus I think they will add plenty of color to my wardrobe.

I’m not sure I will get around to posting much in the coming days with the wedding and all. I’m getting a bit more anxious each day. Everything is taken care of, I just have to show up, get dressed and hope the weather is alright.