This weekend I learned…

Happy First Time Spinner!

HOW TO SPIN!!! I’m very excited by this, as it is something else I can do while sitting and watching TV or just hanging out. I got a drop spindle from a fellow Raveler and some Shetland/Corridale roving in a chocolate brown. It’s perfect to start with as it is a very ‘sticky’ fiber.

Shetland/Corridale Roving
Spindle w/ Spun FiberYarn on the spindle
I have to say that I picked it up pretty quickly. I think right now getting the pre-drafting done is what I’m having problems with. I am having trouble making it consistent and then also joining in new pieces. There tends to be a ‘bump’ where I add more fiber. I’m going to keep working on it this week and see where I end up this weekend.
Also this week I started my first sweater! I started a KAL group in the Karma Yarn Swappers group for the February Lady Sweater. I bought some Malabrigo in the Pagoda colorway this weekend on sale (I couldn’t pass up a Mmmmalabrigo sale!) I cast on Sunday once I knitted a gauge swatch and washed it up.
Tomorrow I’ll make a post solely dedicated to the FLS and include some photos as my computer is being a pain right now.
Until tomorrow!