Update: WIPs, Thanksgiving, & Wedding

Here’s what’s on the needles right now:

1. Danica Scarf for the MIL, this seems to be going alright. I haven’t worked on it in about a week because I was distracted with my brother’s hat. This is coming with me on the Thanksgiving trip to be worked on in the car.

2. Knitted H4H hat for R:  This is just starting out. I have about 8 rows done up. I’m using a pattern I made up that uses the older Habitat for Humanity logo. I’m hoping it knits up alright. R requested this pattern. I’ve never written a pattern like this, but we’ll see how it goes. He requested the main body of the hat to be in white yarn and the logo to be in a royal blue. I’m using Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca. I love this yarn, it’s so soft and warm. When I get done with his hat, the leftovers will be come a hat for myself!

3. C’s socks: Yup, still working on these. They haven’t been touched in about 2 weeks. I’m hoping they will also occupy alot of car time or just sitting around while doing the family thing, since I won’t be able to work on the MIL scarf while at her place, these will make a good project for there.

Here’s a photo of the hat I finished for my brother, I opted to give the Black Turn a Square to the charity knitting we’ve been doing in our knitting guild. I think someone will like it. I just didn’t like the way the ribbing on the cuff turned out.

Brother's Beanie, made from Classic Elite's Bazic Wool

Thanksgiving this year will be alot of car time to get to where we are going. We are hitting up my family and the fiance’s family all in a 4 day period. I’m going to use this driving time to my advantage. Christmas knitting. I hope to get at least R’s hat, the Danica and the socks mostly complete this weekend while casting on my mom’s hooded scarf (Peaks Island Hood by Ysolda) and hopefully the SIL’s scarf. I know that’s a pretty hefty list of projects to get working on, but I think it’s doable.

The wedding is nearing each and every day. My friend CK gave me a lovely white shawl pin to go with my wedding shawl. It was an early wedding present. I’m really thankful for it. I need to try it on with the shawl at some point!

I wish everyone safe travels during this holiday weekend, and eat plenty of pumpkin pie and turkey!