Christmas Presents….

It’s that time of year again, when the knitting Santa Claus comes out to play! I’ve started on my Christmas knitting, only I didn’t plan too well in there because I have a wedding (mine) the week BEFORE Christmas, so I best be getting this stuff done and soon!  Luckily we aren’t planning on spending the holiday with family, as we will be relaxing at our own place enjoying those few ‘honeymoon’ like days.

The first one I did was a hat for my brother, though now suddenly the fiance is also interested in a hat.  This is odd because he’s informed me on several occasions he wouldn’t want one, EVER. So now I need to find some awesome yarn and get to knitting one up for him before it gets much colder.

The newest project is a Danica (Rav link) Scarf for the future MIL. I think she will love it. I picked out a lovely purply alpaca and a lovely camel colored alpaca yarn to make it with. I cast on last night, and so far have quite a rew repeats done.  It’s knitting up quite quickly, definitely quicker than I was thinking it would. I like it so much I will be making one for myself sometime as well. Only thing I’m hesitant about is the edges, they seem to be curling in on themselves, though I’ve been reassure it’s supposed to do that. I’m going to have to wash and block this one when it’s done in order to get it to lay flat.  

Danica Scarf

The second newest is the socks for my dear friend C. They are going well. I don’t have a photo to update you with, but I’m done with the cuff and need to start on the leg of the sock. At this rate I might have them done by Thanksgiving. I’m such a slow sock knitter, though I think it’s all the tiny stitches. Seems to take forever. 

At least I will have some projects to keep me company on the upcoming holiday and with all the driving we have to do, I should make some awesome headway on them.