Knitting Block?

I guess this is like writer’s block. Knitting Block? I just can’t seem to pick up my knitting at all this week. It’s been since Sunday that I even touched it. Crazy.

The last update on the FLS is that I got to the eyelet increases, checked with a friend who assured me with some crazy math, that it was all going to be okay. I started on the first repeat of the lace pattern. I did the first row of the 4 row repeat. Then I promptly put the knitting down and haven’t touched it all week.

The socks are still going great. Same as the FLS I haven’t touched them since Sunday. I shoved them in my purse this morning in hopes that over lunch I can get a couple more rows finished. We’ll see if that happens.

Tonight I am going to attend a different meetup than I usually do for knitting. They have started a Thursday night one down in the Old Market of Omaha. It’s one of my favorite places to just walk around when the weather is nice. We are meeting at the Old Chicago there if you want to join us. 6 pmish I believe.

For anyof you wanting to know I also now have my Dog’s Blog hosted on WordPress. It’s still a WIP as I just imported old stuff from my blogger. I’m gonna work on it a bit today and hopefully clean it up. Stop by!

Oh and I’m pleased to announce that I forgot to post this on my blog! A friend from Ravelry, Peatmoss, is hosting a contest on her site for some free roving and possibly some free sock yarn! Stop by HERE!

Happy Knitting!