What did I get done this weekend…

Not alot. That’s the simple way of putting it. I didn’t work on the socks at all, I needed a model to try them on to confirm that they would indeed fit the desired wearer. That happened, so I’m safe to continue on knittin those. I think they might be loose if anything. Not sure what to do about that at this point, maybe decrease a stitch or two? Would that look alright just after the toes? I’m at 60 stitches which tends to be the average foot size for socks. I think they will tighten up once I get more into the foot portion of the socks honestly.

The scarf however, is coming along nicely. I believe I got to 5 pattern repeats now. It’s looking pretty fabulous in my opinion. I just love the Ultra Alpaca Fine.

I did purchase my shawl pattern, Forest Canopy, this weekend as well. This would be my first Rav purchase, it was really easy to do! It’s saved in my Rav library as well as on my computer. I’m pretty excited to start this project. I even found a cheaper yarn alternative as well. Patons Silk Bamboo. I saw it at Joann’s this weekend. It’s soft, DK weight, and is a gorgeous shiny ivory color. It’s also only going to be about $24 total for the 3 balls I’d need for the shawl. I looked at Personal Threads for something that I would like, but didn’t fall in love with any of the selections they had. I might look around String of Purls and see if there is anything there. I’m also headed to Lawrence this weekend, so perhaps I will check the Yarn Barn out as well. So far the Paton’s seems to be the best way for me to get what I want without spending a bundle.

I’m certainly sad that with all my traveling for work and pleasure this week and the coming week I will miss knitting group on Wed and the next 2 weekends. I guess it’s knit alone week for me.