Lifeline? What lifeline?

Ugh. That’s the best expression for what I am feeling after last night’s battle with the shawl from hell (that’s its nickname right now). If it and I make it through this next part, I think I’ll forgive it. Last night I realize that somehow I’ve managed to mess up big time. That’s the only explanation. Somehow about 20ish rows back I increased and extra stitch on one side of center. Don’t as me how. I call it not counting. That one extra stitch 20 rows later translated into a mess. I tried ‘fixing’ it by decreasing by one. Apparently that didn’t help anything, only made it worse. This went on for several rows.

Last night, with the unconditional love and help of my friend Linda, we went to work on this beast. She showed me how to put in a lifeline after the fact so that I could go back a few rows to a place where the pattern was correct. Well, I tried it one repeat back, nope that one wasn’t right either, then I tried the next one back, that one was right. So I pull out my needle and proceed to thread the needle into the row with the lifeline. That went alright. Here’s where things went really wrong. I mean really wrong.

I pull out the lifeline. This is also without checking to make sure I’m actually in one row and not half in one and half in another. So I start to frog the top portion of the shawl back down to the needles. This is all fine and dandy till somehow I realize I’m not in just one row with the needles but like 3 diff ones! So¬† things start unraveling very uneven like. Linda helps me out again with emergency ‘surgery’ we shall call it and ample paitence.

My shawl is now on the needles and also on 2 stitch holders. It’s staring at me. Screaming at me really. I will fix it tonight hopefully. Will update on the condition soon.