Manda’s Maine Morning Mitts

Wow, I got Kristin’s Owl Hat done this morning and all the finishing done too! Eyes are sewn on and the ends woven in.

Owl Hat, eyes not sewn on yet

I have started on another project for myself. This time the Maine Morning Mitts. I think I’ve mentioned them in a previous post. I am using a skein of Noro Silk Garden in the colorway 279. I’ve managed to get one done completely today and have started on the 2nd. I am in love with this pattern! It knits up super quick with the silk garden and size 9 needles. Here’s a couple photos of the work so far.

1st Mitt of the Maine Morning Mitts
Another shot of the 1st Mitt

The only thing I have to say bad about the Noro is that one mitt is pretty plain (the 1st one) and the 2nd one will have a lot more color to it. It’s looking like alot of blues and reds in the 2nd one. The color changes are really long. Not to say I wouldn’t knit up a 2nd pair of these.

The reason for so much knitting has been a blizzard that we had this past week that went from Christmas Eve to yesterday (Saturday). We have probably 12-15″ of snow that drifted into HUGE drifts.  This basically allowed us to be snowed in for a couple of days with not alot to do. The road cleaning crews are doing their best, but I know heading to work in the morning will be slow going. Be careful out there!

That’s the knitting update so far. I’m thinking about starting a weekly or bi-weekly videocast in 2010 to document my projects, goals, and new techniques in the coming year. Anyone have any opinion on this?