Wednesday is here

Finally. It’s Wed again. That means meeting up at WF and enjoying a tasty drink while working on various knitting projects. I’m planning on working on my sock tonight. I love meeting the different people that show up each week. I think I’m going to sit by some other people tonight and mingle a bit.

The sock is going alright. I messed up like none other last night and dropped about 5 stitches. I managed to pick up 4 of them and had to increase so I had the right amount again. It looks alright, only the trained knitting eye will be able to catch my doozy of a mistake. Honestly the self striping yarn helps hiding it ALOT!

Today is another raining one here in the Big O! I don’t mind the rain, it would be much better if I had windows at work I could look out and watch it. Alas I just have the weather radar on to tell me if it’s still pouring out or not.  Work is increasingly dull today. I have alot more reading to do and that seems to be all I’m doing lately. I plan to break this up today with small 5 or 10 min breaks to the stairway to work on my sock a little here and there, instead of wasting it hanging out by the coffee pot. I don’t even like/drink coffee, yet I still hang their with the rest of the people here.  I better get back to work.